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Na'Vi confirmed!
woooooo, i was scared they would lose these best of 1 vs CIS teams and somehow not make the major while being the favourite.
IEM Fall is Bo1...
So Navi are prob not going to playoffs as best of 1 againts CIS teams, going to be 24/7 Dust 2 or mirage group stage.
Wtf konfig
Half of Astralis want to leave. Only glave is staying for certain. Dupree will prob go nip next year as he good mates with device.
CS twitter
surfing and you get eaten by sharks if you fall off.
valorant casters
Cs has all the best talent. shame that Dan, seangares and lauren went to Valorant though.
Vitality vs Na'vi opening kills
s1mple opens more rounds up now as he now started to trust perfecto to clutch. He only baited a lot on old teams as why would you want boom4ch or flamie or zeus etc to clutch.
Top5 Teams of 2021
Navi have now won 3 out of the 5 biggest events this year, also winning the only kinda lan which was the biggest event this year. Also they won CIS RMR in which nobody cheated. Won Blast final, Cologn...
they have the worst fans because they have the most fans, more people to be those cancer fans who shit on everyone else.
GG NA'VI 3:1
Also Vitality play a good style againts Navi, from outside it just looks like random pushes on random parts of the map. Navi then dont know what set ups to use.
GG NA'VI 3:1
Navi are going to lose, you can just feel it, b1t perfecto and boom4ch are not playing well.
Vitality Navi predict
no virtigo and ancient. vitality win overpass, and maybe dust 2 as navi have been kinda bad on dust 2 lately for some reason, vitality could win this 3-2, bit or perfecto need to turn up as they have ...