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Zywoo Top 1 2020?
As Navi had to play CIS RMR They count as less as No top 10 teams. So s1mple going to get screwed by being CIS team and having a miniumum of 2 bots in the team which can go up to 4.
Zywoo Top 1 2020?
S1mple should get top 1 but i think zywoo will get it as he has better team so got to more finals. Kinda like how he won it last year.
UK explain
Every royal family in Europe is like related as Royals only married other Royals mostly. Why would they marry a powerless person who has no land and army or money. That has changed nowadays though.
covid vaccine
its called america. the uk vacccine was made tom be non profit thats why it only cost £/$3
Zywoo Grafiti Mirage
its because its zwyoo its a good play and all the zywoo fans and s1mple haters just hype it up.
Zywoo Grafiti Mirage
wasnt even the best play of that map let alone the series or even 2020, the second ace was a much better ace. pistol rounds are always like that sometimes people just get like 3 quick pistol hs and wi...
Zywoo s1mple controversy
rewatching that pistol ace makes it seem less impressive. like yeah he was low hp but i swear loads of people have done that like it just seems like a normal pistol round from a good player. i think t...
Watching online cs is like watching an fpl-game minus the fun
The only good games are when its like 2 top teams againts each other. as long as Astralis, Vitality, Navi, G2 or Complexity are playing then they are good and fun matches but any other are kinda borin...
NAVI -flamie +supra
as long as he happy to give up awp when ever s1mple wants it then it would be ok. But i dont think you should ever have a main awp who only sometimes uses the awp.
NAVI -flamie +supra
why would you move the best awper in the world off the awp. would be better to get a great rifle player and keep the best awper in the world on team. unless you think they should kick device off awp a...
Why did NAVI lose to Vitality?
then when they finally got some of it back at 10-8 they lost round by time and exploded inside.
top10 teams of 2020
5) Navi: They won 1 tournament (I dont count CIS rmr btw) and had some decent results from other tournaments as well. Maybe if s1mple didnt choke some finals, they would have 3 tournament wins