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Hi menssss)))))))
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S1mple iq test
1kg of cotton 100% sure
Your fav guitarist
I started listening to them in my teens as well and at that tiem I felt they are good. then i stopped for a long time. recently i went back to listen to their works after few years and my musical ear...
i just ctrl f city of god to check if people saw it it's sad that only 2 people wrote that film it's easily top 5 for me
Your fav guitarist
mikael is my favorite musician all day long but don't think he's an elite guitarist he's just good, I don't think you can go beyond a certain level when you are singing
Your fav guitarist
check michael romeo bro since you are a malmsteen fan
Your fav guitarist
yeah ofc guitarists playstyles are so diverse so you need to pick like a fav for each genre and skill is independent from music quality most of the guitarists I listen to everyday are average skill in...
if you aren't playing with 2 friends at least then get better on the awp and you'd dominate dust lmao and anyway I would recommend playing only 1 position if you are a rifler on CT If you don't have a...
Your fav guitarist
lmao looks like petrucci would be everywhere
Your fav guitarist
Gary Moore Michael Romeo (check his godfather malmsteen if you like him) Guthrie Govan
Worst Player to win a Major
autimatic lmao he was their best player at the major "overall" imo
Hardest subject
I would say you rather had a bad teacher linear algebra is really cool and kind of high iq watch at least 3blue1brown (1.5 hours total explains a lot of core ideas) If you are still interested of cour...
Hardest subject
you are braindead sorry bro
Best gaming laptops
never buy a gaming laptop mens I regret that shit
Girls at gym
you sound secure af bro thanks for your diagnosis bro I need to fix my life asap