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USA come
I am not justifying anything because it is not true. Overwhelming evidence, where? In your western media which has been spewing anti-China sentiment for several years now? You can buy news medias soul...
USA come
You post these false sentiments which spread false information. What about those lovely Palestinians whose homes you are destroying, bombing and killing innocents civilians? Bulldozing their homes or ...
Why do you live
I have many reasons to live for like friends, family, my own happiness, community, experiences you get daily and travelling alongside many other reasons.
New Yorkers come here
I am sorry but skyscraper apartments in big cities are worth millions. Even the rent in them is probably tens of thousands per month. It is not like in tv shows you can not live comfortably with too s...
happy NIU year
"Concentration camps" which is a pure lie it is to reduce terrorism which was hitting sky-high levels in one particular region and we did take control of that. It is a better solution than using napal...
happy NIU year
You do spit a lot of propaganda we will create machines to replace the need of workers as we do not need stupid people to do low-level jobs which can easily be done by machines it benefits everyone as...
happy NIU year
That concentration camps do not exist we put terrorist to re-educate them and give them experience, education so they can benefit their families, local community and our country without causing a secu...
happy NIU year
Xīnnián kuàilè
fastest car in the world
Once I was still trainee I got a chance to drive CRH2C fastest thing I have ever controlled. Too bad there are zero on the lines I am currently driving on or at least none I am aware of.
your grandpa or great-grandpa role's in WW2
Grandfather fought alongside the Japanese until the end. Escaped to Korea for a couple of years when he heard what Soviets and Chinese troops were doing to Manchukuo soldiers who had surrendered. Ret...