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Football (s*ccer)
Compared to CS with constant action, yeah, it's boring.
Neymar skills - Who is close
what games you want to see?
Of the unseen matchups definitely HAVU - Astralis.
What happened to the legends?
Just the fact that level of play goes up each year at the top level. Of course there is the age factor aswell and some pros had a significant dip in form but you can't really compare 2014 and 2021:the...
Liquid in dire need of a roster change
Probably right but it's pretty hard to get anyone from almost non-existing NA scene.
Flamie future
Dunno really, ForZe or Winstrike probably his best bets. But imo even the Winstrike boys are doing pretty hot right now and not really sure if flamie would be an upgrade over any of them. Edit: the ex...
Astralis - OG
This is probably the best chance for OG to pull an upset.
Flushas team
Good luck, but I don't think this team will be anything more than a T2 stack. Top 20 at most.
CIS Superteam?
s1mple electronic nafany Ax1le mir Please NaVi, make this happen.
Reason for online events?
Part of the reason probably but sponsors don't much care about online either. That's why some are pulling off. So that's a pretty significant loss of income aswell.
CS scene is bonkers
By "random teams" you mean outside of the invitation circle jerking club?
Astralis -xyp9x
So +es3tag inc?
Not really judging by his first games but the kid could improve when he gets to play more against T1 opponents. I still think NaVi should try to get someone more experienced and proven especially look...
Nah, not yet. But I don't see him being part of NaVi major roster in november.