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Why is Jamppi allowed to play?
Trust me bro..
blizzard sucks
It's a dying company.
Na'vi and s1mple and difference between ZywOo and s1mple
There is more to CS than pure firepower. If it all came down to firepower Liquid would be top 1 already. These guys just destroy when they take straight 1v1 duels.
old navi now
Nah, the old farts of Dignitas haven't made it to top 30. And they dominated the scene back in 2014. Just goes to show how much more competitive the scene has become. Not to talk about that this old N...
Jamppi wtf
That lineup would be close to top 1. But sadly they threw it all away.
navi T side
NaVi T side looked atrocious as always. No major for s1mple with this kind of non-existent team play.
This might be a smart call overall. Take some time to recover and rest and be ready for bigger tournaments like the major. Or it could mess up their system/synergy and the returning players might not ...
Natus Flukecere
I'm still hopeful they can get their shit together once LANs start. This NaVi is definitely not an online team. But even so I think Flamie is already on overtime with this roster. If he can't step up ...
Finnish superteam?
Yes that is technically the best team you can have with Finnish players. Tho I doubt the chemistry would ever be the same with Aleksib and allu in the same team.
Phone tier list
Well there's a reason why Trump and americans got so concerned with Huawei. And no, threat of spying wasn't the main concern. This is all out market and trade warfare.
Phone tier list
This is actually objectively false. I'm not an iphone hater nor am I a huawei defender but p40 pro has one if not the best camera on the market currently. And yes, it has beaten like all models of iph...
Phone tier list
It's actually a shame coz their phones' quality these days is top notch (equal to Samsung) but no one's gonna buy them anymore due to lack of google apps.
Top 10 AWP player right now
He might be top 20 material now but he won't be by the end of the year.