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Bad to be religious? (very civil debate)
valorant is in right here. U should not mix social intelligence with high iq / talent for maths / physics etc . And ofcourse you can bash people for being religious. You say its their belief , who car...
game looks bad u mean these?
game looks bad
im fine with graphics quality , game just looks stuttery laggy on high fps
game looks bad
who plays cs on high , are u high?
game looks bad
its a new pc dumbo
Worst thing to eat?
my moms pussy
You aren't vegan?
where will domesticated animals then be ? put them where? if this vegan bs is all about ethical reasons , and if we would stop killing/eating animals , how unfair that would be to the billions of ani...
You aren't vegan?
well i dont agree that humans dont have to It can be very time consuming and expensive to live a dedicated vegan lifestyle people from a lower economic status may not have the resources, time, or mone...
Cant get out of level 6 faceit
but you are NA so his lvl 6 could actually be better than your 9-10
You aren't vegan?
thats so stupid, carnivore animals eat other animals because they can so why would humans be exception are lions cringe for eating deers?
Cs go cheaters
the bitter taste i have when i check enemy team profiles in warmup time and see a guy with 0 badges steam lvl 0 190hours turkish ..... knowing that i will waste 40 mins of my life feelsbad
Top Movies of the past 13 years
dont open your slutty mouth you generic whore with your generic lists you dont know shit about cinema , brainwashed action-movies watcher i am disgusted by your low iq presence
Top Movies of the past 13 years
ill give you 3 , your uneducated loud mouth doesn't deserve more Inside Llewyn Davis, There will be blood , Gone girl lmfao avenger watching casual , suck my smart dick
Top Movies of the past 13 years
laughable list kid , you gotta step up your game
901k player on csgo
You play game too but you are mediocre so no one reports you . I have low trust factor because people accuse me of cheating , so i get reported regularly and then i get paired with real cheaters and c...