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forZe vs SG.pro
I thought forze is a good team but their gameplay makes no sense. Pushing through smoke without flash,going into awp scope without flash or distraction,their gameplay has no suprise factor becaus if t...
Chaos vs Yeah
I had bet on Chaos but to be honest if somebody doesnt see that some guys there are cheating then you are blind. I can see it even from some of their movements,they walking and doesnt even checking so...
Chaos vs Yeah
Im surprised of Yeah,they played very good and their economy managment was perfect,they didnt have a single full usp round. Last time when i watched sAw they had 1 gun round all ct side
Chaos vs Yeah
Odds jumped from 1,11 to 1.20 right before the game so be careful
Chaos vs Yeah
If Chaos is not going to make some extra money from betting then easy 2-0
Its stupid,you can start 2 times on stronger side and win the game just because of this
Oh i didnt know there is knife rounds in bo3
Avez picked T on nuke? Hm
sAw vs CR4ZY
Instead of going one full eco and then full buy they throw away 4 rounds with stupid buys
Triumph vs Chaos
Ma boi leaf if would tell me that today is ON day i would take a mortgage and bet chaos
Triumph vs Chaos
No chance for Chaos,easy 2-0
AVEZ vs Nexus
I didnt bet because it was suspicious
AVEZ vs Nexus
I knew when i saw 1,50 for map2 against 0% winrate that its very suspicious,because should be like 1,20-1,30. Here we go ,i know why know :)
Evil Geniuses vs Gen.G
Lately the inferno is so T sided i dont understand,it was always strongly ct before
Vitality vs BIG
Why is inferno so T sided lately?