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Have u a gf?
No I have a wife
Hard Legion vs Natus Vincere
Inb4 r4ge ragetoggles
ence 1.28 odds LMAO
ence 1.28 odds LMAO
I had a $5 multi paying me out $60 if ence win. Saw 3.5 odds for heretics before the game so put 5 on that too. Either gonna get a great profit or a small profit
Remove train
Tell your team to not pick it then. Smh
Why would you have bet astralis
Csgolounge betting was the only time I have gambled in CSGO until last month when my national betting agency added esports
Why would you have bet astralis
I mean its probably the best astralis odds there have been in a while. Bet the odds, not the best team. But yeah why bet astralis in this game when the odds were clearly not right. Could still be pr...
Fnatic 2.5 - 2.7 odds
Unlucky friend Hopefully for you astralis sort their game out for fnatics pick. For me I arent hope that
Fnatic 2.5 - 2.7 odds
I put $20 on fnatic at 2.6 odds, just some spare change in my spending account. Odds seem pretty good considering their form, wont be suprised if astralis win but I think the odds of fnatic winning ar...
[SRS] what's your type?
Most important thing for me with my wife is we can spend all day together and have a great time, or we can do our own thing and not get mad about it. Yesterday spent all day hanging out around the hou...
csgo match betting
sell skins for paypal and use that? or are you minor and cant use actual betting sites? in that case dont bet :)
Share your bad habits
No moderation with food. Mostly I eat really healthy but when I dont, I eat really really bad. I have no middle ground. I'm still young enough and exercise enough that it's not setting me back, but ...
I think they will be solid tier 2