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Why -supra +Hobbit
*The one that peeks with his a$$*
Your Mouse
Yeah I know. But this change will be useless for me: 1. Only ~3 grams difference(no buttons on the right side. I've never had issues with accidental clicking on them.). 2. 3310 pixar is outdated just ...
Your Mouse
And the main point of leaving zowie is getting rid of wires. I've tried wireless for once. Now it is harder to play with mouse wire.
Your Mouse
Yes, ofc. But I like fk2 shape more. Vaxee mice are closer to EC series shape. This is not what I’m looking for. This design is less comfortable for me. And new Logitech mouse feels much better.
Mirage Device
faceit mirage 24/7
Your Mouse
Bro I will feel so bad to leave this POG mouse. I understand that I must change it just because wireless light mice are more comfortable. Also pixart 3310 sensor is outdated nowadays((((( The perfect ...
God aimers come here
I've experimented with all gripstyles and sensitivities from highest to lowest for 1 year. And about a year ago I understood my settings and how to perform consistently. From my point of view, the per...
S1mple's hater = hypocrites with double standards?
Bubzkji and B1T
me, sometimes
AWP DM Server
haahha +1
navi most inconsistent team
I think, you watched only NAVI games. If you look on the other teams and analise data you will realise that NAVI was the most consistent team especially in 2020 (top 4 every tournament and only 2 bad ...
degster found tier 1 team!
Lol. He did.)))) Sprout 2:1 BIG. ESL tournament win