Hi, my name is Jorge and I'm a HLTV social researcher, and I've come to many conclusions already on my research:

->HLTV has most dumb people marked already, and they are easy to identify. You just need to check if they have "s1mple" as their flair or a CIS flag and that make's them very likely to be smooth brained.
(Also the ones who have the combo of USA flag and flair)
[and BIG fans {bonus if you are Turk}]

-> Don't waste your life and money betting.

-> 8 out of 10 users are coward fakeflaggers. Denmark, Norway and the US are the main targets for fakeflagging.

-> 95% of Indians here doesn't have bathrooms, and end up either shitting on their streets or in HLTV's forums.

***The research is ongoing, more results soon...

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