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Fallen message for S1mple
no, it will relax him and place him in a neutral energy , so that FalleN could make an unexpeted move or play and s1mple won't go crazy intense on him. All that until economy of the rounds takes place...
G2 want s1mple
i agree with you. I hadn't really thought of it before but even in 1.6 , there were no international teams that dominated any period. For sure you can say for some teams that they weren't full nation...
Godsent Taco
hahahah +1
Is simple Michael Jordan of csgo?
that was 15 years ago. all good now buddy. :)
Top 3 of all time
when you say "of all time", because cs is a franchise game , people often include 1.6, source and 1.5. csgo has been around for a decade, so it's either "best of the decade" or "best in csgo". if that...
Is simple Michael Jordan of csgo?
i deleted my first accounts from 1.6 and mirc. And mostly every account in any site. I had an "independence" crisis in my 20's. And ever since i was checking up hltv through other friends' pc.
Vitality Twistzz
mousesports: GuardiaN, ropz, chrisj, frozen, bymas/bubzkil. Faze: karrigan, coldzera, rain, twistzz, broky fnatic: krimz, golden, brollan, jackinho, zehN
Is simple Michael Jordan of csgo?
Wow , an old mate! Happy to see people like you and me still following the cs pro scene. I 've been playing since 2001 as well but i got mostly interested in history and the gameplay of the cs pro sce...
Is simple Michael Jordan of csgo?
more like kobe. Skill and behavior issues.
Is simple Michael Jordan of csgo?
basket was found and developed in Great Britain dude...
Is simple Michael Jordan of csgo?
what do u think? have you been following cs since 1.5-1.6 or you are new to the cs scene (csgo)?
Zywoo/s1mple/dev1ce/NiKo. Who would win ?
Zywoo : + [skill, mind] - [no passion/risk] s1mple: + [skill, unpredictability] - [unbalanced psychology] dev1ce: + [performance consistency, team-play] - [predictable, passiveness] Niko: + [skill...
Is simple Michael Jordan of csgo?
I don't think there can be an actual comparison since Basketball exists for 80 years more than counter strike, but if we try to simulate the scenes , maybe we need to match the eras in both sports. F...
global final stacked
pretty sure "Gang Bang" would be a better fit ;/
global final stacked
Astralis: the Dunishers (punisher/danish) Natus Vincere: Batman & Robin Vitality: Zy.woo let the dogs out Team Liquid: Elige the entry duke Furia: the animal instict G2: the Gang Evil Genuises: the ma...