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+ jacky mao in KINGUIN
Jacky 'fEEd' Lmao
136 hours streaming
lmao he's dead
Russians in dota
It would be fine if they wouldn't act like complete and utter morons. I check the language box "English" and search a match on EU west where there shouldn't be any russians. What do I get? Russians wh...
PCW For 1.6?
Apparently you can't even have a decent discussion on this site about CS 1.6 and CS:GO without having butthurt nazimods delete your comments which are completely logical and don't break any rules.
PCW For 1.6?
The "wooden pc" argument is flawed and illogical. How does a computer's performance correlate with the content of a game? Not everyone likes the game, simple as that.
PCW For 1.6?
The game has +30k daily players, how can it be extinct?
jw best & sex
9/10 would read again
130K Watching the finals!
How does that make any sense? Ten years ago CS 1.6 was living its first active year.
R.I.P Paul Walker
Huge fan of the FF series, this was so unexpected. R.I.P. :(
Why 1.6ers changed to CSGO
The competitive scene wasn't about jumping or kz in general though, he was still one of the best if not the best in terms of utilizing movement in CS 1.6. Jumping skills mean nothing if you suck at ev...
Why 1.6ers changed to CSGO
Both games are f2p. Dota 2 actually more so than LoL since the only thing that you can buy are cosmetics.
NiP 2007-NiP 2013 SHOWMATCH TODAY 21:00 CET
The players had absolutely nothing to do with it.
NiP 2007-NiP 2013 SHOWMATCH TODAY 21:00 CET
Well they did.
NiP 2007-NiP 2013 SHOWMATCH TODAY 21:00 CET
They will not play as 2007 vs 2013, they'll mix the lineups to make it more balanced.
NiP 2007-NiP 2013 SHOWMATCH TODAY 21:00 CET
2007 will get stomped hard since it's only in CS:GO