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Where are the NA teams?
A string of poor tournament placing has led to a dip in the ranking, idk what's hard to comprehend.
Good games?
Either they're an absolute knob at the game or an actual god with a G13 rank. The thing about titanfall is that the skill cap is lofty compared to other fps. It's enjoyable to grind and get good as ...
Good games?
Titanfall 2. Also if you're planning to play overwatch, it's better to play flex role until you've calibrate all your rank roles so you'll have a better understanding of each hero on your team and on...
Stress during tournaments
Adderal is a thing mate.
DOTA 2 experts come here
Which countries are the best at producing players? A few notable countries that have layers of pro players are Phillipine, Russia + Ukraine, and China. Albeit EU is one of the most dominant region, th...
Making a breakfast for family on Sunday morning.
Wew that kinda makes me homesick a bit ngl mate
introvert personality
Well how could you tell it's fake without delving into it yourself. Btw what you mentioned isn't about being introverted at all
bntet homophobic
Yes, Hansel Ferdinand doesn't sound remotely Muslim rofl. Didn't even notice his other previous nicks, bntet seems like a funny guy
bntet homophobic
I believe he isn't, might be wrong though
s0m early gg to DIG
Bm stands for bad manners afaik, and he still didn't shit talk so idk what you want.
s0m early gg to DIG
I didn't say it wasn't(?)
s0m early gg to DIG
"especially if the teams don't have anything in common" What? It's still a miniscule thing, dude isn't even talking a pinch of shit yet he gets bashed like he just murdered someone
s0m early gg to DIG
If you consider saying gg as 'talking shit' then I don't even know what else to say to you. Btw som did the same thing in their previous series against dig, but instead of forest it's guardian stuck ...
s0m early gg to DIG
That's not how banters work afaik
what they think about us
"They". As if that person represents NA as a whole.