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Evil Geniuses vs Gen.G
they need an actual awper and and igl they want cause daps got kicked out , autimatic is not and awper
MIBR vs G2
y'all on shit on it wasn't even close💀 plus b4 y'all were t2 in NA now y'all is t5 in EU cause EU way harder
MIBR vs G2
gaules was streaming it on Brazilian cause he's the only Brazilian stream that's official and thought that leaf's crosshair placement was suspicious and showed why and started to call him a cheater an...
MIBR vs G2
that's when kenny and amanek had to explain to jackz every comms because jackz didn't know english b4 plus that's when the NOW formed the new team and the comms changed from French to English whereas ...
Cloud9 vs New England Whalers
out of the 12 teams in rtr c9 placed 3rd and imo the top 6 should be invited plus in the rmr standings for NA they are 6th overall should they should've gotten an insta invite for the cs summit 6 even...
Cloud9 vs New England Whalers
why is c9 in the qualifier??? they played in the last rtr so they should have been given an instant invite wtf
G2 vs BIG
bring a g2 is fan is depressing they legit threw the game for big to win
Gen.G vs Evil Geniuses
orr yh xDD how does EG win games they shouldn't it so stupid :|
Gen.G vs Evil Geniuses
stanislaw has less frags and more deaths and daps kekw hmmm who frags better🤔
Vitality vs NiP
nip was doing good b4 they kicked lekro
stanislaw and tarik
tarik is a decent play at best he's okay however ever since Boston he's been garbage and under stan he's just awful which is why i don't understand why he loves stan when he performs like garbage unde...
FaZe vs OG
Vitality vs GODSENT
how they chocked???? apex isn't a great igl
G2 vs Liquid
ez for G2 and holy shit nexa went off plus kennyS went back to old kennyS mode. hunter played really well too and yikes naf wasn't able to do well.
ENCE vs Gen.G
he's not polish he's Indonesia proof: and He even said it himself here: Plus the Indonesia flag is the swapped version of the P...