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corona vaccine?
Ma men...im a Doctor. Soooo, i guess i have way more experience than you in this. But maybe not...who knows, you did your google search im sure.... You can't formulate your opinion based in one case...
corona vaccine?
Ahahahahah Of course, break a bone, go to sauna. Get a cancer, have a cold shower. Get diphteria, drink water. Catch Tick born encephalitis, stop eating trash food....dude, just shut up. Without this ...
corona vaccine?
Ps: people will still die from Corona, the same way people still die from the flu. But the numbers wont be crazy and we cant save them all.
corona vaccine?
The vaccine wont be for everyone. Only for risk groups( healthcare professionals, old people, immunecomprimised, cronic diseases, etc), just like the flu shot. Once we have those groups vaccinated, we...
best looking & handsome pros
1. Dosia 2. Dosia 3. Dosia 4. SexGod 5. Zywoo
portuguese people come!
All my love to Venezuela, you guys will eventually get rid of that fucker!! He deserves nothing but a single deagle shot to his head. Maduro i mean xD
gaules xD
If he does not possess the right for the championship, he cant show the game. What's wrong with that? He still comments it and only watches who wants to.... And no, he didn't loose the rights. He ne...
Betting blacklist
1-0, e foi o Éder que os fodeu!!!
Congrats Russia
How to be a dictator in 2020....
Betting blacklist
Go get yourself a bagette and go to Dijon to party with those peacefull "french"
WTF how much?
Zywoo and S1mple probably the most expensive. Then it depends on the org. The more well known and more well established, the more they ask. Faze, Fnatic, Astralis, Liquid probably the most expensive ...