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Best Gaming KEYBOARD
Ty :)
Best Gaming KEYBOARD
That's why i said it's the best but for me, every user is different. There are some players that brake any keyboard or mouse within 6 months of use, but it lasts much longer for me :) 6Gv2 is proba...
It's banned in my life, and it can be in life of every man.
SS Sensei OR Intelli 3.0
Me and 4 my friends use Sensei for one year and it works perfect for all us. It works great even on dirty pads, while Xai had problems with that ;) Buy Sensei man!
Best Gaming KEYBOARD
6Gv2 is good, 7G too ofc, but Razer Lycosa mirror is the best FOR ME. Because it's the best looking and it has keys with light so i can easy type in total dark. I have one Lycosa for 2 years now and...
Marihuana is drug and it kills you no matter if you want to accept it or not!
CSGO stats reach 1.6
Iregular verb :P
Do you pray before you go to sleep?
I forgot to do it every night but i like to pray. Nothing is posible withoud Gods help ;)
Bet on CSGO death
It's already dead.
fnatic vs
Cs is fcked up :S
Your gaming gear from a dream
Man i am not reach at all but i already bought the best for me. It's Steelseries Sensei Qck+ Na'Vi Razer Lycosa mirror and Steelseries 5Hv2 Here is pic of my gaming space :) http://...
Meet the real Popeye
Mentaly sick people :(((
Can I run CS;GO ?
Maybe you need a better procesor.
Can I run CS;GO ?
And guys, i could unlock one extra core so it can be x3 :, but i don't use it since i fleshed bios, so i will unlock it again if can make diference :) But probably i will buy phenom x6 from one fri...
I have both you morron and Sensei feels more heavier. Speak when you buy it.