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Swap 1 player on 2 teams
Good point. I was always disappointed to see Nivera AWP over Zywoo on Dust so Zywoo AWPing should be a lot more impressive.
Swap 1 player on 2 teams
Vitality: -RPK +KennyS (Main AWP) KennyS got screwed over in G2 as of late and could likely shine under Apex's calling. Also since Nivera left Vitality this is perfect for Zyw0o to rifle. G2: +RPK (6...
geometry dash underrated
Classic game, I spent so much time playing in my childhood. I got about 950 hours now and 49 demons with the hardest being Spacelocked
OG +xseveN +KennyS
mantuu is the awper for OG
Electronic :(
Elec was at 1.04 a few times last year, but he was able to average 1.14. So far he hasn't had to do much this year because S1mple is carrying NaVi to wins and Perfecto is popping off too.
Make best team all from one nation
EliGE (2019) - Star Player Nitr0 (2019) - IGL Stewie2K (2017) - Entry Hiko (2016) - Lurker Skadoodle (2017) - AWP
EliGE (Entry) NAF (Plays B) Osee (AWP) Stan (IGL) Brehze (Star player)
Ez for God2K
|Org Tier List|
Actually good list? Surprised most people here don't understand that Astralis can have a good team but be a bad and shady org at the same time. Still think they should at least be a tier above ENCE. A...
Players that don't deserve the hate
+1 Boombl4 is awesome
Scrawny and launders appreciation thread
I think people don't like him because he goes off topic a lot, but that is just because Harry and Hugo cast a lot of boring matches with nothing to really talk about. I think they're pretty funny and ...