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Heroic vs Liquid
There could be vertigo instead of mirage from liquid
MAD Lions vs Extra Salt
I know, becouse of that I put her.))
Total over 2.5
Heroic vs Natus Vincere
Refrezh future #1? Men you shit your pants. There are lot talented players.
Natus Vincere vs BIG
Are you reading carefully? ------> *In this kind of matches* I'm wasn't talking about entire tournament. BIG isn't a strong opponent for Navi. He can chill. Wild time ago, he was forced to show unbeli...
Natus Vincere vs BIG
On nuke? I don't think so. Of course respect to BIG , no hate but it's will be hard, almost impossible. Navi are in best shape ever. But miracle can happen. Good luck to bought teams
Natus Vincere vs BIG
I like that S1mple can play on chill and not try do some unbelievable stuff in this kind of matches. All team step up. Remember wild time ago, he always need do some unbelievable preformence to only ...
Natus Vincere vs BIG
Until all team plays like this, S1mple can chill and stand in only when game is important or hard.
sh1ro after winning V4: "This is endlessly important for us"
Your brain got error. Need anti-virus.😁
sh1ro after winning V4: "This is endlessly important for us"
In your world maybe, but in this he will not be top1. But nice try. When next year starts you will need change name to "sh1ro_top1_2022" and try again. 😁
sh1ro earns career-third MVP at V4 Future Sports Festival
I like Gambit , but this is funny. Giving mvp for this tournament. Bring back old times, when MVP truly matters. And wasn't been giving for that kind of tournaments. Now mvp doesn't have value
Gambit win V4 Future Sports Festival after five-map affair
Agree, Hobbit more deserved
Gambit vs Enterprise
It's not fcking Olympics. Open major results and you will see 3-4. Not bought teams at 3rd place. Navi chant. A weak excuse from team that can be strong in online. And weak performance against furia?...
ex-Akuma vs Sestri
Good joke. Like it
Gambit vs Enterprise
First of all not top3 ,but top 4. They was tied for 3-4, and second about major, playoffs only was with audience , group stage took place without audience and seeing you opponents, because they was be...