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G2 vs Natus Vincere
G2 needs S1mple/zywoo. Astralis needs S1mple/zywoo LOL...
NIP vs
Device's career is over. He chnged his team for extra $$$, now he hav to rot in that tire 2 team. Karma !!!
Entropiq vs
Kick Jame... His team provide awp to him almost every time and rest of team use weaker weapons. but that Legend awper is so bot that he not able to snipe a back turned enemy... i am 100% sure if jam...
EXTREMUM vs Budapest Five
no match is ez for extremum.
Sharks vs Galaxy Racer
go scam in wuhan dog farm
Sharks vs Galaxy Racer
esic knows everything. they just do not care.
Sharks vs Galaxy Racer
its too dangerous for ur wholebody to observe galaxy racer's gameplay. absolutely braindead cunts. even my dogs hav more iq than these galaxy players. 5v2, 4v2,3v2.... and they throw every advantageou...
Natus Vincere vs G2
navi make it quicker . stop acting and just self nade at spawn.
Natus Vincere vs G2
oscar 2021: best actor goes to team Navi how well navi is pretending to play well. lol. they hav sold map2 map3. now they will act like pro.
Natus Vincere vs G2
i want to see navi throw in this fashion in a Lan event in front of thousands of fan. Hope then the fan will teach Navi how to play it.
Natus Vincere vs G2
2;1 g2 navi hav sold the map3 for more than the blast premier prize money.
Natus Vincere vs G2
Navi vs g2 g2 2-1. gambit vs g2 gambit 3:0
Natus Vincere vs G2
2-1 g2 nuke on overtime
Natus Vincere vs G2
its 100% obvious that navi team hav bet against their own team, and earned thousands of dollars (may b even more than the blast premier prize money) arrest those criminals and throw them in jail.
Natus Vincere vs G2
2:1 G2. No way a team can win when their player bet against their own team. Nice throw Navi. Keep throwing and earn money.