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Astralis vs FaZe
Never expect a team with karrigan to win. karrigan create spacae for his team mates.... and faze play every round 4v5 clutch..... cause every round karrigan die within the first 30 sec. if a team st...
Vitality vs Astralis
awper glave just killed his team. if astralis play with 5 Ak, it would be easy W for them. but no..., Glave wanted to show off with awp. RIP Glaves awping.
Vitality vs Astralis
i dont know why but whenever cameraman give a closeup of Astralis's coach , it reminds me of a virgin pu#sy or may be a timid kitten
Gambit vs Enterprise
trash players even dont know how to smog the b door from out side.... if hobbit remove himself from this team...i am giving u gurentee this roster will be disband within 3 months
Entropiq vs Enterprise
if u cant conver 2v5, then quit cs...and do start cleaning toilets.
Fiend vs BIG
if fiend play with only was eazy 32-0 for firnd.........BUG is so so bad....
Fiend vs BIG
syrson so overrated bot awper... kick him and big would play decent
Gambit vs Fiend
Nice does not matter wheather the tournament is online or lan... shamelessly throwing..... gambit hav not utilise their nade,flash,molotove...they are not in mood of playing good cs...the...
fnatic vs Spirit
if brollan and mezi did not hard carry this team, no hope then.
fnatic vs Spirit
smooya continues jackinho's bot play...... tbh...there is no cordination in fanatic..... they know that thing very well....that is why they never gone for retake.
BIG vs GamerLegion
Ban these german dog from playing cs..... they r just polluting the tire1 scene. how desparetely they are trying to look it competitative and then throw shamelessly.....
BIG vs GamerLegion
german dog always theow... ez 2-1 GL
BIG vs GamerLegion
if a team wants to throw..... even god cant help them
BIG vs GamerLegion
bug has started throwing..... german dogs
BIG vs GamerLegion
in overpass GL will 11:4 big...and then a lil fake comeback ....and lost. GL 2:1 incoming