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harry potter
I think it's the most flawless. It has good pacing, no cringe scenes, decent acting(imo acting got worse in movie 4 again) and the darker atmosphere was very fitting. In all other movies there are som...
harry potter
First 2 are meh, 3rd is easily the best, 4th is ok, last 4 are good
dragon ball
regular dragon ball is comedy/adventure genre. Dragon ball z is way more serious fighting against the end of the world. I think both of them didn't age that well, but they used to be the shit back in ...
corsair k95, mx speed silver feel very nice, both for typing and gaming + it has very low latency. I didn't know about that latency thing until recently, but it's very noticable. I switched from gmmk(...
Fav movies?
Cars is good, but I like the original better. "Doc Hollywood" with Michael J. Fox and Woody Harrelson
240Hz not smooth
did you uncheck "cpu0" in task manager for csgo.exe?
how to improve gamesense faster
You can get a lot of easy frags by abusing peekers advantage + shoulder peek/counter-strafe: For example: when you play ct get info by shoulder peeking and wait for sound cues. When enemies want to fl...
Germans come here
do you speak german?
This can't be real s1mple
i wouldn't even call that humble it's just common sense to talk of team effort when you want the players on your team to perform the best in the future. I mean when he talked about how he was teachin...
walking vs cycling
Nice to hear. omad didn't work for me, because I think it's a pain in the ass to make a healthy meal with enough - but not too many - calories and decent macros. It resulted in me eating fastfood and ...
walking vs cycling
walking burns more calories overall, but it will obviously take you much much longer. Not sure where, but I heard that the bike is one of the most mechanically efficient machines invented by men. You...
Fallen to igl
stewie + fallen in one team just doesn't work, because they both lack firepower. I would kick stewie, because his mentality isn't optimal and get a good awper instead. Make fallen igl and bait for his...