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kennyS of blast>>>>s1mple,ZywOo,mantuu,device of blast
he is polish first lol
kennyS of blast>>>>s1mple,ZywOo,mantuu,device of blast
oh said it I like ZywOo and device a lot. device wasn't at his best. And I dislike s0mple but kennyS was way better than them. 33 openings kills and 9 deaths.
kennyS of blast>>>>s1mple,ZywOo,mantuu,device of blast
0/8 kennyS with AWP had atleast 5-6 better highlights than s1mple's best career highlight on bombsite A inferno. He had 1v1s only and no one knew about s1mple's position while kennyS just rekt them on...
Astralis new logo
s1mple flick vs Astralis
lol mantuu also killed a player on run boost, a bit easier but without any info. Now make a thread for that guy too. s1mple is so overrated. Like making threads for normal shots while you all forget ...
Zidane LUL
He won 4 Champions leagues. He is a nailed on starter at biggest club in the world. Lol imagine thinking that, next level delusion.
Zidane LUL
He said something about his sister
Zidane LUL
Benzema is something else now.
Zidane LUL
he is our most expensive young signing and probably worst of all. I think he would be way better with good attitude.
Zidane LUL
he is really bad in that sense. Heard that he left his NT training camp in the middle of training. His coach said we like him and want him in our team but his attitude isn't right and we can't do any...
Zidane LUL
Benzema has one of the highest goals this season and scoring goals was never his primary job. He would easily be top 3, top 5 number 9 for France had he played for NT. Just feels like grapes are sour...
Zidane LUL
Last season I didn't care much about football. This season our frontline has been atrocious. Like only Benzema has performed. Asensio injured. Vinicius/Rodrygo kinda average. Jovic way below par. Elab...
Hard Problem (99% of world cant answer and fail)
Ok last try. See when you hold your breathe, you lose your consciousness. Now people do breathe in unconsciousness so your breathe will resume hence you won't die??
Thoughts on G2
yeah they did but it was mostly due to individual brilliance. I just don't see more than handful people winning head to head 1v1 battle against JaCkz or huNter and combine that with kennyS being able ...
Hard Problem (99% of world cant answer and fail)
you mean the point between death and life something like coma,hibernation?