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I will use this one now, the other get banned for 10 years(((((((((
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Vitality why ????
for me you learn from your mistakes, and now that he has just signed a contract with a pro team, I don't think he will make the same mistakes as in the past
My first impression of flameZ
yeah great person and a great player too, very impactful despite the fact that OG put him in the "worst positions", he still had an excellent game very promising for the future !
My first impression of flameZ
and nobody asked for your opinion either :)
nah you cant because you're not a pro player,and you will never have the level of a professional player
Vitality why ????
Kyojin accusations
he didnt cheat on cs btw But nowadays, people are stupid, they believe everything they hear without checking if it is true, without doing research etc
allez vita my friend :)
Vitality why ????
yeah I know, but I think that with the addition of Kyojin, there will be more hate to Vitality ... And most of people actually think that he cheated on cs
Vitality why ????
I know dude, but like I said a couple of time, rpk is playing very difficult positions, and idk if a rookie like Kyojin will be as good as rpk on these positions ... Or maybe apex will again make som...
Vitality why ????
yes, that's why I'm a bit worried, I don't think kyojin will be able to play and be as good as rpk on his old positions currently, i don't think there are many players in the world who can play and p...
Vitality why ????
yeah I'm so sad for him 😥
Vitality why ????
yeah, hope it will be faster than with misutaa, the first months were quick difficult
Vitality why ????
nah he's really good, good aim and great gamesense for a young player
Vitality why ????
"i'm saying facts" lmaooooo I still don't understand how people can still believe that Vitality streamsniped Liquid Like ffs, It's so obvious that they didnt streamsnip them