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New operation
I spent like 11$ on this game and now my invo is at 70$ I would suggest buying and multiplying the passes I bought 1 pass sold all cases added some money and bought another one and redeemed it on othe...
Guess The Teams!
lmao FaZe XD
Guess The Teams!
but mouzdidnt win an online event made finals in epls11 so its fnatic
Guess The Teams!
G2 problem
11.75M is the only buyout or with salary ? only buyout money goes to org
Lmao flair checkout NiKo left coldzera thats why cold fans hating NiKo
He hating NiKo cuz NiKo left cold in FaZe lmao
Krimz VAC, now what ?
Lmao he will say those asian were nobody from a nonody scene
Krimz VAC, now what ?
What about iBP match fixing kqly vac ban and emilio vac ban ? What about jamppi and vsm situation?
Krimz VAC, now what ?
No its bcz of lack of confidence and frustration which can play a role When subroza was getting accusations his performance was also impacted also NiKo when he was getting all those hate in his last ...
I r8 your superteam
I dont want it to be faze 2.0 thats why I had a proper support player instead of making someone not known to the role be the support its the harderst role taking shit positions Cold could do it he di...
lost 0-16 with 31k
Once we were playing a dust2 game against 3 blatant cheaters we gave up in the start knowing that we cant fight 3 cheaters one of our teammate abandonned so we thought we waste time and then surrender...
There was nothing said that "NiKo said aleksi isnt best fit for the team" Also rain said in some interview that we think he isnt the best fit "We" means the whole team stop throwing everything on NiK...
Watch yanko interview maybe? And can you link the sources from.where are u stating that NiKo said no to aleksib? It was team decision but.some.haters wont understand
Blast major
He is saying it because he is A FaZe fan and it hurts when anyone talk about boston major