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It seems to me that this NiKo is still far away from the NiKo of 2019 or 2018
Who is going to do supportive work on the 1st team? Besides, aren't Brollan and REZ both entries?
Top 5 of the best and worst roster moves in 2021
+1 on -HEN1
Name a team and I kick the bots in it
Seeing that G2 do need a proper awper it's either -jaCkz and huNter becomes an entry or - AmaNEk and huNter becomes a support
twistzz or ropz?
ropz has recently become an entry. That seems like quite a dramatic change, doesn't it?
twistzz or ropz?
Man ropz has literally taken up an entry role on mouz while originally being a lurker because everyone else refused
c9 five
mouz +es3tag seems viable to me as they really need a good support Also, Liquid might look to replace Grim by Xeppaa/floppy/mezii now
c9 five
Bymas support/entry es3tag support/entry acoR star awper ?
top 10 riflers
As of right now, in my opinion: 1)ropz 2)electronic 3)EliGE 4)Twistzz 5)NiKo 6)YEKINDAR 7)blameF 8)mir 9)dupreeh 10) Ax1le
Pimp "ropz doesn't often get credit"
Taking into account that people still think EliGE is a better player than ropz, I wouldn't say Pimp is wrong at this point
The G2 version of NiKo isn't even remotely close to FaZe NiKo. Imo, NiKo isn't even 50 % of his prime rn. Seems like something oppresses him within the environment.
FaZe clan real issue
There are only 2 non-passive players in FaZe. And both of them(karrigan and rain) make for good entry fraggs to the opposing team rather than entry fraggers.
Possible OG new roster
However, ISSAA was a dedicated lurker, as far as I'm concerned