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aleksib snake
true , the only one who suggest OG manage for bench NBK is ruggah. why people still judge aleksib because the interview from last night. aleksib smart igl and he say '' no one get bench for this year'...
OG +ropz?
that OG ropz make OG shine . you can bring frozen too , then change with ISSA. its gonna be the best team with good awpers and smart IGL.
OG Snake Team
aleksib was told '' no change roster for 5 months from january'' its might be ruggah for suggest bench as org manage. aleksib is truely good igl and smartest , ruggah is hate typical like ISSA and NBK...
OG Fix
you fix then broke them more, who hell guardian at 2021. mantuu still young and he was the best clutch player OG. cerq and mantuu have similiar gameplay but mantuu more disicipline.
Thorin on OG
OG is the power of friendship. they never bench the player for little mistakes. OG just need time to goo.. atleast OG still relevant at LAN , almost beat some tier 1 like g2 and big .
true , isdisbanlance good at spirit but need adapt 12 years for that team.
OG and BIG
yep , g2 was on prime too . kenny always get his flick and jackz on fire too. OG more stronger if they consistent , N0tail said "OG is stronger than everyone just need time and chemistry"
OG and BIG
OG just need to be consistent. they player is good and mvp every tournament . i know just tier 3 tournament but that was insane player like mantuu on alter ego really great he wreck team like liquid (...
OG and BIG
how about OG beat EG and Ence just one week debut?
OG and BIG
FaZe need 13 months after create the international team for one trophy also faZe still choke every major after years and years.
OG and BIG
but OG more win at LAN than online bruh :D this post 0/8