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If you wanna know my shitty PRs:
800m: 2:25 (not a big 800m runner)
1600m: 5:18
3200m: 12:56 (wasn't a big 3200m runner either)
3 mile/5k: 19:00 (FUCK MY LIFE)
Longest Distance: 14 miles

im fucking garbage at running
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New operation is dogshit
cs 1.6 > go, player skill wise
"Took far more skill to shoot long range" That's because the weapons have more spread, which in turn, means more RNG. "In CSGO, you can tap tap tap and your bullets go in the center of your crosshair...
cs 1.6 > go, player skill wise
"Spray was harder" Because spray patterns were incredibly random, and the spread was much, much higher than it is in CSGO. "Tapping was harder" Again, because the spread of the weapons was much highe...
If ur hot, is life on easy mode?
Dating for any reason (hooking up or serious long term) is going to be MUCH MUCH easier if you are more attractive. No exceptions. It's not "harder" for more attractive people to find a long-term rela...
why na cs is dying?
Nah. We were always around. We're just "moving on" because we fucking suck at Counter-Strike and are looking for the next big thing.
a usual or an usual
No, I didn't. It's not correct to say "an usual." Who the fuck was your English teacher in high school?
Leftists come here
They are both pretty shit. They are communists, so that's expected. left-handed btw
a usual or an usual
Usual's pronunciation starts with a consonant sound. That's why we say a usual. Unusual starts with a vowel sound, so we say an unusual. You're really proving the stupid American stereotype to be tru...
Astralis 2020
nt no scene
will csgo die to valorant? lmao
Nah. Even though the game is completely fucked, the core gameplay is just too good for some people to quit CS Honestly at this point I wouldn't mind if Valve sold CS to some other developer