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If you wanna know my shitty PRs:
800m: 2:25 (not a big 800m runner)
1600m: 5:18
3200m: 12:56 (wasn't a big 3200m runner either)
3 mile/5k: 19:00 (FUCK MY LIFE)
Longest Distance: 14 miles

im fucking garbage at running
Forum posts
Arizona is lucky enough to have a dry heat. I live in the Deep South and the weather here is miserable in the summer. You can never cool off by sweating because it’s so humid and the dew point is alwa...
where I live it is literally dangerous to go outside during the summer
Valve MM balance
This is not true at all. You only lose your rank when you’ve queued with a cheater in multiple games. If you lost a game due to cheaters, you won’t get your ELO back even if the cheater gets banned. I...
Overrated Games
I know I’m late on this, but equating video games to sports is a textbook case of false equivalence.
Overrated Games
CSGO: zero content, the only people who play it are people who can’t afford a better shooter and try-hard kids who think they can go pro PUBG: I’ve heard only bad things about PUBG. It’s obviously a ...
Overrated Games
Agree with everything except Warzone and Fortnite. I haven’t played Fortnite once, but just by looking at gameplay I can tell that Fortnite is a really well-polished game. Warzone is obv a well-done g...
Overrated Games
Lmao, if anything CoD is overhated.
Play videogames for Fun
because other people try hard and my idea of having fun is stomping the shit out of the enemy team when I stomp the enemy team it feels like I’m not tryharding at all
Valorant: training wheel FPS
I understand, but since you were talking about CoD on console, I thought I’d mention how BF4 literally aims for you on console
Valorant: training wheel FPS
Well CoD on controller needs aim assist because aiming with a controller is incredibly difficult. But their aim assist in recent times, especially Warzone, has been too much; almost all of the top pla...
Valorant: training wheel FPS
You haven’t played Battlefield on console then.
Ur hours in CS?
2.48k before I realized the game wasn’t fun and I was wasting my time