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Guardian will always be missed :(
If Dignitas in Flashpoint finishes 1st-4th, i think some team will pick him. He needs to show a lot of things right now, or he can establish Czechoslovakian team, something like eXtatus in 2017. But i...
Fnatic throwing?
Yeah, or at least, if KRIMZ wanna drop him shotgun, then the XM1014? If i am right. Let's see Dust2
Fnatic throwing?
flusha could drop him. He had 3250 dollars, but he didnt do anything. But i liked Brollan's Kobe on 15-9
Yeah, I know. He needs to teach russian again. Something like in in 2013
I think he can return to NaVi, but let s1mple AWP, and do Support, he did it in some team already..
Astralis - dupreeh - device
I dont know. If i have to be honest, i think there is going to be a team, until this new Astralis (if he replaces dupreeh, i think there is not other option who) then there will be some top 1 team, ei...
Natus Vincere vs BIG
Na'Vi vs BIG
Literally Sam2k vs DELUSIONAL_BIG_FAN But i hope in DELUSIONAL_BIG_FAN Because he has brain, unlike Sam2k, I hope.. :DDDD
Natus Vincere vs BIG
Natus Vincere vs BIG
EZ4BIG cry Sam2k
Natus Vincere vs BIG
EZ4BIG, right DELUSIONAL_BIG_FAN? LET'S GO!! nevermind
NaVi noob!!
Of course, some delusional CIS fan of NaVi. We will see. What will you say if they will be in the last place? If it would happen?
NaVi noob!!
Yeah, and what? U think that Navi is top 1 after all? I think mousesports deserved it more. I know they dont made even playoffs in Katowice, but made 5 finals in a row. We will see. If navi wins Pro L...
BREAKING: ESL Rio to be played without crowd because of coronavirus
Astralis wont win 4th major then..XD lets go navi and mouz
Rip bruttj
i dont know what, but he had some health issues. He went back from the hospital on 7th of December, and then played cs until 8.00 in the morning, then he tweeted something and he died the same day if ...