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Sinners vs GamerLegion
good luck under the bridge if sinners lose brother
Sinners vs Wisla Krakow
even worse, why would u have a bo5 final starting at 20:30 over just some seed for the groups & prize money both teams already qualified
Sinners vs Wisla Krakow
BO5 final starting at 19:30, lmao.
Major Challengers Stage Predictions
FaZe will slip up in some match, it is bo1 so anything can pretty much happen
Sinners vs Wisla Krakow
Yeah as I said, it was retardly written and disrespectful, my bad
SKADE vs Sinners
Think SKADE pick Overpass after seeing the game vs Wisla, Ancient and prob Nuke or Mirage
Sinners vs Wisla Krakow
How am I making excuses? They make this stuff public that they hate playstyles like this, and I am pretty sure they are not done after that throw on IEM Fall, even though they might not have another t...
Sinners vs Wisla Krakow
well yeah they are but maybe the preparation did the things, this match was scheduled like a month ago so Wisla had a lot of time to watch demos, prepare what maps to pick and stuff
Sinners vs Wisla Krakow
wait below? they are above for sure, i thought you ment it like that
Sinners vs Wisla Krakow
well they are but it is a lot harder to play against these kinds of teams, but you are still kinda right that they should just beat them out easily but Wisla look like they have 5 bad days and then 1 ...
Sinners vs Wisla Krakow
its overpass, what did u expect?
BO7 major final?
No reason to. Why should people watch a game lasting 8 Hours when BO5 Are already long
Major Pick'Ems?
they should be out around midnight on wednesday cet
Top 30 then vs now
Wasnt extatus actually somewhere around this time in the top 30?