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Cloud9 vs OG
bait harder scrub
Cloud9 vs OG
they completely restructured their roster and have only played one map with it. dude, pay attention
Dignitas vs c0ntact
c0ntact -nuke*
Heroic vs NiP
lost to heroic = win????
Cloud9 vs OG
my thought process is its one of OG's better maps, i know the c9 roster is fully of cocky dudes, but i dont know if they're so cocky as to challenge a fresh-off-the-pedestal OG on one of their favouri...
Heroic vs NiP
i haven't seen NiP really have a consistent run. also, Heroic and G2 have different playstyle so i think the matchup is a little more uncertain for NiP, i wouldn't rule out a NiP victory, but i'd cons...
Cloud9 vs OG
an extra hard prediction seeing as this c9 roster only has 2 maps, but here is my best educated guess. cloud9 -overpass OG -vertigo cloud9 +train OG +dust II cloud9 -mirage OG -nuke decider +inferno ...
Dignitas vs c0ntact
Dignitas -mirage c0ntact +nuke Dignitas +train c0ntact +overpass Dignitas -inferno c0ntact -dust II decider +vertigo c0ntact 2 - 0, dignitas little chance
MAD Lions vs fnatic
Mad Lions -dust II Fnatic -vertigo Mad Lions +mirage Fnatic +inferno Mad Lions -nuke Fnatic -overpass decider +train Toss up, Mad Lions have a strong edge but fnatic win doesn't seem impossible if th...
Ence -vertigo BiG -train Ence +dust II BiG +overpass Ence -inferno BiG -nuke decider +mirage BiG should 2 - 0, Ence might steal dust II but its all they might feasibly do.
North vs G2
North -mirage G2 -overpass North +vertigo G2 +dust2 North -inferno G2 -train decider +Nuke Toss up, North haven't played G2 since niko joined. I'd give a pretty big edge to G2 but North are known to ...
Astralis vs mousesports
Astralis -mirage Mouz -overpass Astralis +dust II Mouz +inferno Astralis -train Mouz -nuke decider +vertigo Mouz win dust II, Astralis reverse sweep. Final result should be Astralis win 2 - 1.
Heroic vs NiP
Heroic -dust2 NiP -nuke Heroic +overpass NiP +vertigo Heroic -mirage NiP -train decider +inferno Heroic should 2 - 0 this, NiP shouldn't be able to bite more then a map off.
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