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FaZe will be dead without NiKo
> NA team > complexity 404 iq not found
FaZe will be dead without NiKo
you out here living your nickname to the fullest
my man gonna call a rush everytime and just one taps everyone on sight
CS pros overworked
FaZe Stewie2k
actually true, even back in their grand slam run liquid admitted in one of the vlogs that any living being that breathes can beat them online
Who 1v4 is better? S1mple or ZywOo?
zywoo had a smarter and more intense clutch but s1mple just wrecks liquid but had a better caster reaction ( love you machine xoxo )
yeah what makes it beautiful is the fact that the whole universe hinges on a father-daughter relationship
so basically the people on earth didn't know that dr brand is still alive, hence the ending of the movie showing cooper getting on a spaceship to go after her, but professor brand (the old man) alread...
Level 10 NA
...or maybe he improved alot in that period of time?
it's 9/10 or 10/10 for me, no movie has left me with the same feeling of watching interstellar, also having a masterpiece soundtrack by hans zimmer is just an icing on the cake, maybe you'll like The ...
hans zimmer can fuck me in returns of him making me a score for me and i'd be glad for that
the film is a devil's advocate, you either hate it to the maximum or you love it like there's no movie like this, i think it's 10/10 too :D
most overrated player ever
i forgot when exactly but i'm pretty sure it's mid 2019 which i can't argue stewie was better back then
most overrated player ever
gla1ve also said stewie2k is a good player
Astralis vs Heroic
hltv admins smoking crack again