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electronic didn't play that well this year. so he's probably not in the top 20
fuck your cousin. choose your favorite team
Chosing a pro team?!?!
I supported !00 thieves/ renegades every since I heard of them, cause I always rooted for the underdogs and they always were the underdogs. I also liked spunj, azr and jks. Also my local scene has onl...
Spirit vs Apeks
jkaem can't carry hard enough to beat spirit
MIBR fluke?
I guess because they have no pressure, because no one really expected them to do as well as they are doing. Like in my case i thought they would shit the bed in every tournament but they haven’t soooo
Man the amount of people on this thread Cant blame them, though free money POG
AGF vs Apeks
#savejkaem Drops +21 while 2 of his teammates go below -15 what is that
Leaked FalleN plans?
i mean they're stuck in brazil. where yeah they are by far the most dominant team there, but that doesnt really mean anything internationally if your beating like t3 teams and not going against better...
Leaked FalleN plans?
i mean they only play against domestic opponents. Which basically helps them farm stats
Leaked FalleN plans?
wasnt there talks about him forming a team with Taco or smth. could be wrong just heard somewhere
Leaked FalleN plans?
why tf would godsent remove farlig for fallen. That move doesn't make sense. Farlig is young and has shown that he can be developed into a good player.
olofmeister vs jks
JKS im a jks fan boy fight me
IGL Tier List
JT above stanislaw??? I mean stan isnt like top tier, but JT is for sure not better than him
MiBR Academy
nice team, but don't see b4rtin leaving team one any time soon
RPK retiring/becoming 6th man :(
I mean i kind of get the decision, cause like vitality has 3 support type players and one of the fraggers (shox) is inconsistent. So bringing in nivera to have more firepower and letting him get more ...