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C9 nitr0
They had 6 months to develop as a team and they still haven't seem all that impressive. considering their placements recently it looks like the team needs something to push it to be better. Granted mo...
Gambit +hobbit
wait why hasnt HLTV reported on this yet. It seems like kinda a big deal
I think complexity can be a good LAN team, like i know they are definitely not in the top 10 LAN teams. But i'm just saying man when they were in Blast Premier Spring they had a pretty strong group, b...
sAw top 30+?
I mean they won a series against vitality and thats it. Like i guess they can make top 30 but that of a bit of a stretch. I mean they don’t even have a spot in MDL. Like compared to other teams that a...
My Valorant Opinion (long)
I agree with most of the statements, like its kinda is shitty that they basically ripped the concept from cs but with none of the controversies, execpt they added classes to the game But the main rea...
Mazaalai vs Bren
This match is kinda hard to predict man. Like Bren beat tiger, but then they immediately lost to fucking beyond, but Mazaalai hasn't been performing in this event like they lost to D13 and divine vend...
HLTV top20
i doubt any chinese player will get into the top 20 this year. So far the two big chinese teams have only played against other asian teams and we all know beating other asian teams doesn’t really amou...
TIGER vs Bren
BIG will lose today
well there goes my fantasy rooster then
TIGER vs Bren
that would be ideal, but i don't think their are much players left in our scene from what i know. The only other team i know that has somewhat good players are fallen5, but they havent played in awhil...
TIGER vs Bren
im gonna cheer for bren, but i fucking know they're gonna lose if they win ill be surprised
Fix OG
-issaa +bubzkji
cs summit NA groups?
wait so your saying a team like c9 has more rmr points than a team like liquid or eg what??
triumph top1 NA soon
would be nice to see this team succeed but whats more likely to happen is that grim or whoever would sign with another org