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Onyx is actually so full of sh1t how do you beat sinners twice on inferno but you can’t be esuba (4-16) Anyways fast 2-1 sinners thanks for odds
777 vs Unique
Nice English
777 vs Unique
I ain’t complaining your the idiot polish person who can’t understand English I literally said I don’t bet on unique unless they are the underdogs I was saying other people can’t complain if they bet ...
cowana vs Unicorns of Love
Ez for krystal the man with a god like csgo inventory
777 vs Unique
Bro I don’t bet on unique games unless they are the under dogs idk what your comment even means, calling me a idiot for saying you can’t complain if you lose your bet on unique?
yellow vs Hazard
If you are a betting man I don’t even wanna ask what your win percentage is
777 vs Unique
I mean you can complain if you lose a bet on unique some betting sites yesterday literally cancelled people’s bets on unique vs marten game due to suspicious activity
Why would he play shit not like the rest of skade are bootcamoung without him. Is it? And if anything means of skade cba to play he could literally let a fiend player take over wnd no one would know s...
Extra Salt vs Bad News Bears
You don’t need to be too fragging as long as they are winning their games that’s all that matters, never said he was a top fragger but he is a decent one, your the kind of person who would think havin...
FTW vs eXploit
Take the odds on exploit god pr will show them how to play csgo
Fiend vs D13
What are the pings like for both teams ? I’m guessing there isn’t a difference ?
Kings of Content vs MIBR
Jotaa looking like he’s a bouncer at the door of a club
eXploit vs VELOX
You mean someone tell them to go practice how to play csgo they just bad dude they are rocking -0.9 kd
fnatic vs MAD Lions
All the fnatic haters ahaha yeah get proved wrong, they gonna win this tournament
fnatic vs MAD Lions
He literally just opened up that round with a double kill snd now they on map point yeah good one