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Most grinded game
WoW, had 100 online days (24h) in a single year
Yes, he played like shit on the hundreds of LAN during his time in BIG
Yeah, really insane that they improved after getting an AWPer and replacing two bottom fraggers
Is gaming a waste of time ?
"Why waste your time playing video games when you can work until you die"
Is gaming a waste of time ?
+1 smart mens
Is gaming a waste of time ?
Its a waste of time if you think it is. Simple as that. There is no purpose in life since the industrialization. Do what you want, some things you can not get, some things you can.
Stewie2K really??!
People don't give a fuck about the obvious disadvantage of playing 4:3 and even copy it when they start playing but you complain about something that is just muscle memory. At least its not something ...
Sprout underrated
They can't get out of MDL and if they do, they instantly lose their spot again
boomer lan games
No, sorry but it probably is on piratebay or something
boomer lan games
Don't forget to watch mens)) This is what we usually play: Age of empires 2 ut99 ut 2004 quake cs 1.6 GTA 2 Multiplayer BF 1944 CoD 2 Kinda newer (also 10 years+) but fun...
BiG era
thanks, I just hope we see a good match, would be kinda sad if they get stomped on Inferno too
BiG era
not contradicting what I said
BiG era
Nobody gives a fuck about meme map like Vertigo
Try these things: Change BIOS battery Reset BIOS Test each ram stick individually (just put one in) unplug all hard disks (it should at least boot) check temperature, maybe some fans don't work check ...
Bettors against BIG
i get cancer every goddamn time i read the comment sections in games " BIG vs XXXX " like so much hate and negativity is being spreaded just bcs u addicted plebs are betting and crying over ur money ...