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Dood Im so mad about this..... Rugratz are better than every team in playoffs but NEW and Team One. The fact that they could have participated but some valorant scrubs couldnt get on for 6hrs and play...
Scouts are very useful for force buys/ecos and I agree that awpers should get better at them(Syrson proved scout can be very good) but they will not replace awps.
Most Awpers are also godly with rifles aka could be on pro team without using awp ever like zywoo, s1mple, device. Also, scouter role would be very hard because you would lose most fights vs awp.
CoL fer?
His toxicity, racism, and general indifference to being a good human being is the relevant part
-1 You cant just take the worst player and replace them with someone statistically better and expect good results. Rush(as BlameF has said) is essential to the team because he can take the bad roles ...
EG question
EG vs Furia used to be fun now it is a shit show idek why furia just figured EG out and now the contests are like Furia 2:0 32:10
c9 floppy yeah/nay ?
NAY cause his form has been shite the last few months getting carried by oSee etc. I think he showed some massive potential early 2020 on LAN but I would have liked to see a proper fragger like Ropz, ...
I'll fix Furia
0/8 I love Guerri Im a MIBR hater 100% but the Furia guys are so nice and they are also great at the game bringing exciting CS.
pronax vs karrigan
+1 the guy is mentally ill
State of NA CS
NA player base is tiny, legit around 1/10 of EU player base(look after valorant came out) NA dropped by about 50% Edit: Also ESEA/Faceit are more popular in Europe makin...
I thought that his excuse was dumb af... why couldnt he ask CoL to move him to another country like Denmark or Sweden or Germany (He said UK was 2 stressful) Also its super shitty of him to make all h...
obo is not a traitor?
+1 like I said in #23 he was rood but homesickness/loneliness can make you do weird things