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Banned for 10 years, idk the reason and i don’t care enough to ask
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Bro bully was such a weird gameπŸ˜‚ the concept
overreacting again
People are scared of anything that is new, i may not love the changed but i don’t hate them either, i think as the time passes i will get used to the changes and i will learn to love/like them
G2 changes
G2 changes
Ok roger that hltv policeπŸ˜πŸ‘
Make your Grafitti
Nostalgic Games
i got into half-life games only recently :( by recently i mean like 20016
Nostalgic Games
and Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Nostalgic Games
so true :D if i remember correctly, that's exactly what i searched
Nostalgic Games
Honorable mentions: GTA vice city, ratchet and clank, sly cooperm cs 1.6 cracked, nfs undercover
Nostalgic Games
wtfff how did i forget about ratchet and clank????? ALSO Sly cooper
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bro true i totally forgot about gta vice city and tekken 5, played them a lot, also played nfs undercover
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same here, but my mom didn't want to buy me a ps2 so i always played san andreas on ps2 at my friends house
Nostalgic Games
I remember first playing minecraft back in like 2010, downloaded free version on my moms laptop, also downloaded couple of viruses