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Lyngby Vikings vs GamerLegion
its very close between the two, but GL don't have as much experience as the Danes. Fair call that GL would lose.
Lyngby Vikings vs GamerLegion
small role changes+ more experience. He had never played at the MDL level before, he was completely unknown till he got picked up by GL.
Create best lineup without Astralis or top 5 players
blameF(lurk + second caller) aleksib(IGL + support player) syrsoN(awper) stavn(rifle + trade + secondary AWP) YEKINDAR(entry) brings a good mix of aggression, high level tactics with excellent IGL + ...
Tricked vs ex-ETHEREAL
no kair0n no win smh.
Nexus vs ex-ETHEREAL
bruh nexus basically just gets carried by iM and XELLOW. its them and three bots basically. ethereal has mad firepower in comparison.
Lyngby Vikings vs Sinners
welp imo he's improved and can make it. cadiaN spent close to 4 years in T3 before finally breaking it big in 2020. Give them a chance, and they can make it i think.
Lyngby Vikings vs Sinners
yeah exactly why this would be his biggest chance. He may or may not have improved, and he has to show that he has. If he hasn't, then well he doesn't deserve many more chances on a top team.
best gamertags?
sdy, nbk are both very sick. ramz1kbo$$ for the l337. s1mple because its way too iconic and clean.
Lyngby Vikings vs Sinners
Will be a close game, but sinners should win it out. However sinners have choked a lot in the past few days, so it might not be so clear cut. lyngby's new lineup has lots of firepower, and can do real...
Heroic vs MIBR
should be heroic, but mibr does have massive upset potential i feel. as a heroic fan, praying the bois dont choke XD.
Astralis Talent vs Lyngby Vikings
probably gonna be in favour of lyngby. tricked > astralis, lyngby were very competitive against tricked, so should be ez lyngby i think.