writes long stuff despite not having a clue what he is talking about
still makes it look legit
proffesional floppy fan
unproffesional GOATfecto and Jks fanboy
dupreeh is fucking good
noscene is epic
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Jks is the aussie Coldzera
so fuck both col and extremum?
Will Vitality win Katowice?
Navi started dogshit in the start of the tournament, and apex admitted vita wasnt prepared for this tournament aswell tf r u trying to prove they only beated a dogshit navi at the start, and then lost...
Will Vitality win Katowice?
nah, not if this huge difference between top3 and other teams contunie
Will Vitality win Katowice?
we wont see any other than those 3 for a while
double elimination?
Grand final is the end of a bracket, it specifies as the winner of the match of a grand final is the winner of the tournament Finale is different Group stage final Upper bracket final Lower final Con...
Is there really an addition to this tho? Either Navi vitality or astralis top1 Whenever one of them wins a tournament, it's number 1
double elimination?
The fuck? Its called double Elimination bracket That doesn't make any fucking sense
Vitality playing bad
Big boom
Boombl4 deserves mvp
Nah, there is a difference, Katowice was like in liquids run, very good plays that come out of nowhere, this was structured, planned, that's the difference
Boombl4 deserves mvp
I don't think this is one tournament thing In Katowice, calls were unknown, plays were unknown This is a fully executed outplay by Boom on gla1ve both on tactics and fragging So probably this keeps go...
Boombl4 deserves mvp
Yeah Ik that's why I said evp Its still nice to see him being back
Boombl4 deserves mvp
For fucking carrying Navi while the Titan wakes up silently and does what he does Not mvp But good performance and fully deserved evp
Been there since that Nuke in Ice challenge, nt