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Did you just purpose to us??

ah i see.. youre one of those guys that thinks he Needs to "win" all his conversations and that thinks you "win" conversations by replying again and again and the winner is the guy that replies last.. well now that i see through your Little game i shall Reply over and over again to not give you the satisfaction of your fictional "win"

yes, i can understand that. But slow down clip and watch, even if he know where is enemy, how can he perfectly lock on his head and follow him with crosshair while model of ct is crouching?? And its not only this clip, there is a lot of clips where hes doing exactly same thing that you cannot do if youre legit. It can happen to you one time or maybe two times in ton of a games but he have weird locks every single game. Think about that a little...

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when the fuck was xantares ever better than woxic? i legit cant think of 1 time. back in space soldiers xantares was really good but thats because his team was solid and hellraisers with issaa angel hobbit was rly fucking bad so woxic didnt get as many matches/chances to shine, but from the games he DID play, he fucking assraped so many of them
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