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Did you just purpose to us??

one of the most stupid opinions I've ever heard about something really. It's not an abuse, it's just the fact that you are coming here to write this crazy non sense and then you bump to attract more attention to this stupidity xDD oh dude... get a life seriously, do something important in life rather than this.

On the topic of spending money I always find it ironic when people make fun of you for spending money on your hobbies meanwhile they always have the newest phones, they buy new clothes every season, and they eat out every day. People like those really rub me the wrong way. If you are some frugal mastermind you should have a Nokia phone, only buy clothes at goodwill, make spaghetti for every meal, and never drive a car. Thoughts?

ah i see.. youre one of those guys that thinks he Needs to "win" all his conversations and that thinks you "win" conversations by replying again and again and the winner is the guy that replies last.. well now that i see through your Little game i shall Reply over and over again to not give you the satisfaction of your fictional "win"

he is right, it's a big funny thread you don't realise the laugh I had, such funny such good thread, I printed it and posted it in the street!
The street is absolute chaos right now, everybody is laughing left right and center, a car crashed because driver died of laughter, I even saw a dog die of laughter too.

yes, i can understand that. But slow down clip and watch, even if he know where is enemy, how can he perfectly lock on his head and follow him with crosshair while model of ct is crouching?? And its not only this clip, there is a lot of clips where hes doing exactly same thing that you cannot do if youre legit. It can happen to you one time or maybe two times in ton of a games but he have weird locks every single game. Think about that a little...

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcaster. Its headquarters are at Broadcasting House in Westminster, London. It is the world's oldest national broadcaster,[3] and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health. The WHO Constitution states its main objective as ensuring "the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

when the fuck was xantares ever better than woxic? i legit cant think of 1 time. back in space soldiers xantares was really good but thats because his team was solid and hellraisers with issaa angel hobbit was rly fucking bad so woxic didnt get as many matches/chances to shine, but from the games he DID play, he fucking assraped so many of them

You cloud9 fanboy, give me ONE reason RIGHT NOW, you absolute moron of a human being, as to why we should not be sleeping on cloud9. Because the fact of the matter is if you watch them perform in that event, if you open your goddamn eyes that your mother came out of you with her fucking vagina, and you watched that game of Counter Strike and you used an objective style of Counter Stri- of fucking watching anything. You stupid fuck. You can see that they didnt actual play anything worth convincing. They played scrimmy CS. They have individuals who can perfom well. Is that gonna win you games against the best teams in the fucking world? No its not. So unless they're gonna turn things a complete fucking 180 around, Cloud9 are not gonna make top 8 bro. So just go back to being a Cloud9 fanboy and spamming all your stupid bullshit in twitch chat, because you gotta open your fucking eyes. You have to watch the game for what it is and stop being- having bias. This is what people need to stop doing in the whole world. Stop being biased at things because your part of a fucking tribe or a fanclub. Start actually thinking. If you wanna be objective, if you wanna make decisions in life, you need to use your fucking eyes and use your brain. Stop being morons. I'm FED up of these cunts tweeting shit at me when they're absolutely close minded idiots.
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