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earth approaching a catastrophe
the world is ending every year according to religious nuts
Astralis changes?
if he wasnt he would have been in the team before now. Astralis look like they are going with a fresh team
Astralis New Roster
more chance of s1mple joining them
nothing to do with his age. I just think Astralis look like they are going to make a fresh roster under Gla1ve
K0nfig to astralis
yeah double Gla1ve would be OP
K0nfig to astralis
I agree. I just dont see that X factor from Lucky that they need. I hope I am wrong but I can see a brand new roster from them apart from Gla1ve. I would love to see Dupreeh and k0nfig going into bomb...
if they didnt sign Bub and Lucky to deals then maybe you would be right... this looks like the end of Dupreeh and Magisk
K0nfig to astralis
Dupreeh and Gla1ve can work on AWP against the lower level teams but when you come up against a s1mple you are going to get destroyed. You need Dupreeh and Gla1ve on their normal roles. It really look...
Hiko nitr0 steel Ethan XDDDDDDD
wow they beat washed up CS old men in a trash game
K0nfig to astralis
yeah that is the problem. There isnt many top level AWPers full stop... this is the problem with G2 as well
K0nfig to astralis
if they lose k0nfig this project is dead
K0nfig to astralis
I mean its a huge upgrade if its Bubzkji but people seem to think itll be Dupreeh or Magisk but they still need a big time AWPer... every team does
K0nfig to astralis
if its actually for Bubzkji than it would be a good move because him and Dupreeh entrying together would be insane but they still need that AWPer who can win you games. Astralis problem was they are n...
K0nfig to astralis
k0nfig is a great player but its not going to solve Astralis problems. They need a high tier AWPer
SAW vs Eternal Fire
they are fighting to win the 13th place trophy