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older non banned account, that I might use https://www.hltv.org/profile/969458/mr-julius

older account 10 year banned gg
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not rly, you watch it to see which team can stop the era. Yes those teams are favorites, but you are not 100% sure that they will win, as we can see in a lot of cases upsets happen. On top of that the...
Without saying what the category is, what are your top five?
someones a bit mad that astralis core are the goats lmao
Stop with valul threads please
Honestly its hilarious seeing csgo fans be so butthurt about a competitor being succesful, something that helps csgo.
Hamilton cheater?
verstappen didnt even break he just let go of the gass, check hamiltons on board hamilton let go off the gass for like 3 seconds and just followed verstappen from behind. and as you can see from #87 t...
Hamilton cheater?
I mean an excuse like that for a racing driver is just insane, you overtake verstappen no matter what, like you dont need to get instructions to overtake verstappen lmao. and on hamiltons onboard you ...
Hamilton cheater?
what are you even talking about, are you telling me that hamilton didnt do anything dirty, this race, he was completely dirty from since the restarts where he completely slowed down to make verstappen...
6 hour work day
unlimited work day is terrible lmao, that is just asking to be used by the company.
you as a pro
honestly that boost should have been allowed. its a brilliant boost that has counter play when you know how to do the counter play, creativity should be awarded, ldlc used a similar boost, but it was ...
you as a pro
i swear man, when people are not looking at you its so much harder to hit him, their movement becomes random, the head is at a weird angle.
you as a pro
probably device, I just use the rifle more than the awp, but I barely take risks the same way as device. I didnt play for a year and now am terribly washed, but atleast getting my skill back somewhat.
games that made u cry
Self Defense
then its deserved