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Nexus vs sAw
I don't know why, but if Nexus wins I won't be that mad because I actually also like Nexus mens))))
PACT vs sAw
sAw caralho
Galaxy Racer vs Giants
reported for matchfixing
Galaxy Racer vs Giants
One of the motives, are the players and their results, they like rarely win, and most of the players are not even as good as other PT players from smaller PT teams. That and many people also hate fox...
HLTV merchandise
shut up HLTV employee don't wanna give my money to Astralis
BR 3 letter nicknames
fer kng trk arT fnx vsm wtf why you do this mens??
Godsent +2 / VirtusPro -1
Galaxy Racer vs Giants
That's the best case scenario. That would mean that Giants won a map, and that's fricking poggers my dude
FunPlus PhoeniX possible roster
jks is most probably going to CoL, jkaem is said to go to Apeks even tho I don't think he will, but if those two changes occurred they would lose a shit load of points that would make them go down pos...
Did sAw ever call a timeout? lmao vs sAw
SANJI isn't bad did you see what he was doing for his team??? He was the one always buying the AWP and other guns for his teammates and then go with the shit guns he wasn't supposed to kill we was su... vs sAw
So for you sAw would only be a good team if they never lost a game to a team that is on their level and then always did well against Tier 1 teams????? How old are you? 10?? "Ughh you're only good ... vs sAw
Wait until he reads this lmao, and we won the Euro 2016 final without him too. vs sAw
Dude I don't think that teams that went to the qualifier final and lost, should receive an invite, not even the other teams in the qualifier should.
sAw can outplay Godsent if they remove one of Godsents's best maps first like Nuke or Overpass, and if Godsent doesn't remove Mirage right after and instead remove a good map for sAw like Vertigo, the...