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Cats or Dogs?
I assume u re a huge fan of naruto then
coL pay 3 EU cheater
at least i found some good sportmanship from this flag. +respect
Do you believe in god?
what exactly u need to live then?
if its the only girl gamer then she might be 10/10 from all imo. at least she is not plastic, isnt she?
shroud (mixer)
+1 idk why this guy is overrated like praise him being "fps god" or some shit.
I miss Cooblestone
-overpass +cache overpass literally out of meta. no team even bother to make lineup at that map anymoorre except fnatic
remove 1 mechanics/system from csgo
it has to be strafe shooting. too op for t side
Device #1
-1 >blast premier lose 11 awp duel againts poizon (s1mple and zywoo didnt) >omen 1v1 lose againts rain and s1mple >coldzera interview pointing device being arrogant after his team being #1
worst thing in cs?
+1 couldnt agree more about this imagine someone never buying utility and always at the backlines. if that is not a baiter then what?
Who would you punch
if judging by the face, i would choose kennyS. He is like total bully to me but i didnt hate him
5‘9 or 175cm is the optimal
170-180 cm is the ideal height. u rarely look down or look up to see people's eye
height is not really a problem if you want to have a gf. im 175cm and ngl i have some girl liking me and my friend saying because of my charisma. I reject all of that because i didnt want gf atm (im n...
What country would you chose and why?
Probably France or Japan. I just want to have a good life with some good people. My country is actually perfect to live imo but the people in here.. Nah