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2nd Denmark T1 Team
Ty for copying my comment and making a thread about it, it's true about the lineup, but you'll get 0/10 for effort.
karrigan, valde, k0nfig, jugi, refrezh This is the new team, thank me later.
2016 SK vs Astralis now
haven't been enough matches vs faze? They've meet face on every tournament thye've won and the one where they placed second to faze... Dreamhackmasters marseille they won 2-0 vs faze in the quaterfi...
Astralis #1 ?
You play 16 rounds pr. half when you play? :p
Astralis hate
And why can't he consider him self the best player and awper in the world? he have just removed GuardiaN from the server, he smashed him in every single duel.. GuardiaN who everyone always consider as...
Denmark is half the playoffs
Nope, cause Moddii is from sweden
Heroic vs Virtus.pro
Maybe I miss read, thought you meant VP didn't deserve to go out :D
how much?
Heroic vs Virtus.pro
what?? dude, you can't blame the format.. you need to win 3 out of 5 games to go through.. if the likes of VP, SK etc. can't manage to do that, they are just not good enough at this event :)
North vs SK
I thnk dorito guy was c9 fan, anyone got oddshot?
Gla1ve most skilled IGL
well, if you didn't, there is no point in argueing about it, jeeeez.. people are saying they need to get fetish instead of zonic, they don't need to change anything, so what's the fucking point.
Gla1ve most skilled IGL
If you think they need to change anything, you are the stupid one :)
Gla1ve most skilled IGL
And make their t-sides crap, just like they was when he was ingame leader.