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Favorite Event of 2019
I honestly have EPL S10 and ESL One NY up on the list but would give the edge to IEM Sydney, my god what an event!
mousesports vs FaZe
This didn't age well, sorry bro.
Eh they just kicked him, OG picked him up. That's it. No buyout no nothing.
Jesus Christ calm down Ence. No need to blast me so hard against Blaststralis lmao
That was after I posted, fair enough I guess. Vitality isn't as strong and still learning, sure, but even winning a map at least shows signs of life.
Ence haven't won a single match since January, that was in the Kato Qualis and that was against fricking AGO. Every Top20 team rekt them so far, even the other dumpster fire of Mibr is better than th...
Delusional Sunny fan. Everything checks out.
Ence is not gonna be winning anything but Finnish Teams only tournies, sorry bro.
HTLV next US president {Poll}
Bernie's policies do not include literally letting millions of people into the country/continent. You should know better than me mens
Navi kicked Zeus
Legit +1, now he and Otto stuck tho
mouz fans
I heard OG, I sprinted here. Oh you were talking about OG Mouz fans mens, well I mean does OG Karrigan fan count? GG G2, hate to take down Lions, they should've gotten EG but they weren't ready. We'l...
IEM Katowice 2020 Group Stage Predictions
Calm down my dude. Interesting predictions but I don't think 100T would beat Liquid. Other than that, respectable bracket choice.
EU & NA mix team ideas
AleksiB (IGL) Mantuu (AWPer) Elige (Rifler) Taco (Support) Frozen (Lurker) Zonic (Coach) No idea about their roles so don't take too seriously. OG Flair checking out. Go Bois!
IEM Katowice
Too early to tell but looking at the bracket it'll be for sure that: - VP, Renegades, C9 and Tyloo will not win this. - Some top teams are gonna be dissapointed. - Lower brackets might aswell be renam...