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I break binary look signed. yes.
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Praying for perfecto
because he has a flu? :DDD oh please. He will be absolutely fine just how all the other people are. 215k dead in murica? fake fucking news
US And Russia
try harder my friend but you are proving only yourself wrong there is a lot of information about russian hackers but you just be like "as I thought nothing there" but it is :D you just have to shut d...
US And Russia
who cars what u said xD it makes no sense to argue with the one who is not ready to change is mind at all anyway bb have a nice day and I love you my friend
US And Russia
when will you spot your penis already and go get laid?
US And Russia
1st. it's really not about me, it's about you being totally brainwashed 2nd. you do NOT watch the US mainstream news the whole time otherwise you'd know exactly what I'm talking about, you're only pr...
US And Russia
you should stop doing that it's not good for your brain xDDD
US And Russia
go see the US mainstream media news LOL xD lmao perhaps you are just stressed out and you live in a hole?
US And Russia
whatever floats your boat my friend
US And Russia
I love how democrats sincerely believe that a couple of russian hackers are constantly hacking US defence program worth BILLIONS of dollars. Almost four years nothing is happening but suddenly bad bad...
corona? irrelevant, they will be juuust fine
US And Russia
they won't do shit because democrats are way too stupid for this and one single russian military complex system can disable the work of the US military units which none of you are aware of. EZ4RUSSIA
now go get a life
Lomachenko vs Lopez
+3 belts in one fight this is crazy
Lomachenko vs Lopez
deserved by lopez