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HLTV Biz Manager come kkkkk
Don't embarrass our country like this bro, the ads are from your browser
I guess which politic party you support:
bro you're literally asking what u should guess
RBG vs Yeah
I agree with you on "too much brazil love" but it's problably 2-0 for yeah(or 2-1 in the worst case scenario)
Yes but when it mattered, Vitality with 1 map advantage couldn't win againts big
Syman vs lvlUP
Your jinx was so huge that Adaptation was switched LOL
OG is performing rn but today is/was the chance of heroic proving themselves a T1 team(or almost it)
idk, I was just watching and cadian missed like 10~15 shots that even me ~in a very good day~ could hit but you're probably right, Cadian isn't that good and OG is playing well
Wizards vs 9INE
nt, they're problably going to win dust 2 oO
ENCE vs G2
For sure it will, G2 with 0 motivation fighting for a 9th place vs Ence fully hyped to battle against G2
FaZe vs Movistar Riders
Movistar 2x0 Faze Picks and bans not needed because it doesn't matter MVP>> Steel
mibr top 5 by end of 2020
feijoada isn't a fast food tho
Rankings prediction
Vitality #1 Navi #2 Eg will appear problably in #4(at least #5) Spirit almost reaching #10(I'm sure that's not possible) other than that it'll be a clown fiesta with ups and downs, maybe fnatic gett...
ENCE why Jampi?
for what? Ence isn't going to majors so Jamppi actually makes sense
Yes, his opinion is there, the green light to death threat people don't
Ze Pug Godz vs TeamOne
Easy for Team One