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Kiddo you are completely biased with your own perception. Come talk to me when you reach adulthood or at least when you can look at things objectively. Here’s an example - ALEX setup vitality to play...
Pathetic fanboy. I’ve been involved in CS since 2002. Why are you even mentioning zywoo? Simple has the easiest role in the team - you can cry all you want but it’s a fact and simple would say it hi...
LOL Really think about it Here’s a clue - go on his map ratings
Kkkk It does but you’re brain challenged. Try reading it slowly and really think about it I’m sure you can figure it out by the time I wake up
As a NaVi fan - if he didn’t have the actual easiest role in the team he wouldn’t have even put up a 1.0 today without all the stat padding he’s allowed to do.
LOL Thanks for proving my point at least I can go bed with a chuckle
Hltv is fickle He put up a career best less then a month ago you brain challenged chimp
Semmler and Anders
0/8 Go watch valorant
G2 finally not dumb ?
Smart call - jackz is a mdl player at best.
My Gym Routine Today
Jeremy ethier (yt) full body workout a
Aleksib The Puppetmaster
Snippets are good but it will never be practical to share comms completely for obvious reasons - however the security of the servers storing the information... well that should be looked into.
OG's love letter to their "pew pew" guys
Amusing - all it lacked was Aleksi blowing a kiss into the camera in a short video and a second flower would have been born lmao Edit - Aleksi and notail look like they could be related as well
Why is EG bad
You answered your own question
Better known as legendary list
Xantares better known as Turkish delight
tarik and Brehze wtf
+1 that core is a top5 core if they get two good fits around them