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Oracle 100% success rate
Who wants my expertise? No more free ads)) GG NaVi!! Just as expected from the GOATS))
It's the playoffs and oracle is hungry
Yeah I agree - G2 could upset here - though they want to ban out vertigo if they get the chance IMO since gambit in my eyes are head and shoulders the best vertigo team right now - they should try tak...
Gambit vs G2
Gambit wins
Letter to junior
Kkkkk Sylvester Stallone is that you
They looked really bad against EPG - random smoke pushes, wide swings on dangerous angles without utility or support - they are really feeling the pressure right now OR the game didn't mean much to th...
Dreamhack masters
Also - that mirage game - that was maybe the worst Navi CT side I've seen this year - sure they pulled the comeback late and lost to an eco(wtf) but we got a glimpse of what happens once Navi get roll...
Dreamhack masters
You are right about the scoreline - but wrong about the result ;) Natus Vincere is a Latin translation for the words - "born to win" - I have faith they'll do me proud
Dreamhack masters
I think you meant NaVi Revenge on gambit in the final? Easy
Dreamhack masters
I lied - I said I would post for the rest of dreamhack, I can't give up now - btw Astralis will beat you
Dreamhack masters
Your blessed to receive my last post)) Depends if your team go dog mode or God mode Mr Nexa))
Dreamhack masters
Half life 3 confirmed?))
+Ancient good move but poorly executed
Choo Choo removed - the game is ancient - CSVR is where it becomes a thing
"match fix" crybabies come
The Goliath's of CSGO are much dumber than I thought
Large order of hype please
I fired blanks - reminds me of being 13 years old all over again)) GG - i don't think I'll win this one guys - I'll keep posting but it was inevitable I would eventually lose - too much niceness for...
Large order of hype please
U are at my list Son of dogs