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Who will survive BLAST Premier Spring Showdown?
og is a damn hard team to be rooting for
cs is not boring anymore
well, most people don't give a rats ass what happens outside their own countries.
cs is not boring anymore
it is actually different in other places. you just view from the narrow lens that is brazil. in nordic countries at least, if you're openly getting bribed you're gonna get a shitstorm and you will mos...
cs is not boring anymore
yes, of course there are oligarchs, but there are oligarchs and there is an oligarchy. the influence and power of these individuals is completely out of proportion especially in russia. i mean just a ...
cs is not boring anymore
you don't know what an oligarch is? a russian oligarch is someone who hit the goldmine after the fall of soviet union, basically took advantage of the failing system all around them. they bribed corru...
cs is not boring anymore
forze is/was sponsored by lukoil, an oligarch firm. gambit is also sponsored by a 100 billion dollar russian telecoms firm, which btw, is owned by an oligarch.
"Boomer" / "Old" Pros
srsly but that's some t1 delusional garbage what you just wrote. sociopath for pointing out the obvious that there are players in the scene who are absolutely fine with winning no majors as they're st...
Team SPUNJ vs Team YNk
actually you only speak for people with mental problems, so no one really gives a shit. you don't have to watch the stream while they are doing show matches.
HAVU vs Dignitas
most pointless comment of the 2021 then gz