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if we're talking about originality we'd need to talk about judaism instead of christianity. christianity after all is just a much more successful branch of judaism. it turns out that writing an ethno...
the christian flood narrative is based partly on the epic of gilgamesh. there are too many parts about the flood & the boat that are so similar that they can't be ignored.
The best in-game leaders of 2020
honestly whenever i watch teams that i am rooting for and they do this i'm like screaming inside PLS DONT DO THIS NAVI TACTICS
CS:GO hits 1 million followers
only co-op maps. everything else is garbage. that's the one good thing to come out of any operation.
CS:GO hits 1 million followers
i liked the co-op maps.
People who hate new c9 come here
OG worked out. they are a solid team.
People who hate new c9 come here
why hate on c9 even if it fails as a project? just the existence of it is good for the csgo scene, the fact that there are people willing to pump money into this game.
YNk didn’t like FaZe’s effort
it wasn't just stupid. it was moronic. there are things you can say to your coach, there are also things you can say to players on your team and there are things you can say to a psychologist. out of...
The best in-game leaders of 2020
honestly boombl4 best tactic: s1mple go kill. honestly boombl4 second best tactic: someone go bait, s1mple kill.
Are you globalist or nationalist?
pretty much #59. everyone who is at all concerned about the state of their own affairs should be first concerned at the immediate closest problems like those of your own nation. at the root of this i...
should simple go to mousesports
actually estonian
Na'Vi fix
yea he's only getting better at baiting for s1mple
NA CS burned away but will grow back - Sonic
he's not wrong in saying that, if he really isn't a morning person. of course the salt mines of counter-strike will latch onto any slight in a character, so there's that.