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Valve skin contest
Thanks! I get that a lot! steel is very nice, good lucking, goes to the best restaurants, hangs outs with chillest dudes etc. Yeah, I get that a lot. Again, Thanks!
Valve skin contest
Got you! (Thumbs Up)
Valve skin contest
"csgo community is what keeps the game alive so i think this will work" what? "****insert any game here**** community is what keeps the game alive so i think this will work"
Valve skin contest
That just proves it's dying. They try to make the most of their CS most profitable game additions - "ZE SKINS" ASADASASAs
soccer threads
*football you mention euroids call the sport name properly
He's definitely not. He probably would like to go back to Astralis, don't think they want him back.
mouz goodbye
Bye. "Need time". "On LAN". "Hue hue". "adasifmwiuogn 9ieuwgm9o"
mouse hello?
What do you have against the flair???
mouse hello?
hello, this is penis
sdy most controversial nickname?
I would say only a reality when he kept (or got to keep) his full nickname could answer the truth
sdy most controversial nickname?
At this point I guess I could give only extreme example for you. Like imagine a major final, let's say 2015 Katowice. Players for fnatic were: flusha, JW, pronax, olofmeister, KRIMZ (coach Devilwalk)....
stop showing hot girls in the crowd
Yeah I feel it causes depression. We don't live inside the movie of the movie "Last Action Hero", so that showing those girls would be normal.
sdy most controversial nickname?
I think common sense in the world we live in with all the movements and "democratic" censorship if I should say one could understand why such nickname would be not pleasant to public eye and the publi...