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nope, ID 1 is the first to sign up so Nomad is the first
FATE vs Izako Boars
Nine Five gonna be Clownfiesta.bet 2.0? All this 2vs5/2vs4 won on the end to close a map
Gen.G vs Liquid
for me he was 100% on him
Nemiga vs Sprout
Totally different playstyle. Flamie likes to hold as CT while lollipop holds aggressive or even pushes
GamerS1337 vs Blink
sinoopsy and juanflatroo are albanian as well, so its nothing special...
100 Thieves vs Gen.G
Just to let you know the USA are a multicultural nation and therefore its no wonder that many ancients might come from somewhere else as the majority is historical fucking european....
Nexus vs sAw
Nexus will pick Mirage or Train, their best maps
plottwist: The bridge near his former house is already his new home
dude it was played 5vs4 first 15 rounds.... doesnt count
Sprout vs Nemiga
if endpoints wins its gonna be a fast 2-0 Sprout, but nemiga is a tough enemy
Mazaalai vs Bren
What happened to my man Machinegun carrying hard and zilkenberg holding his site alone as the tank he is? Gonna be a 2-0 for one of these teams, my filipino heart says Bren but my brain says Mazalai...
CR4ZY vs Rhein Neckar
either this gonna be a disaster or ERN will win this due to Cr4zy struggling again...
It's Bulgarian CS... Both teams outplay the other to clutch a round and win at least 3 Rounds In a row every time or it's gonna be a wreck for one of these teams
Hard Legion vs Nemiga
I agree about all except box mvp... Either speed4k or lollipop will be on top