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Extra Salt vs O PLANO
Lucas only performed well against weaker opponent, he rarely able to replicate that against similar tier team. It's not strange that people said that He only on this team because of his twin. TRK is m...
-Jks +BnTeT
ImpressioN once talk in elfishguy podcast. He talked about when he watched tyloo doing scrimmage directly, he told that time when BnTeT ask his teammate DD to throw smoke, DD rushing to front instead....
-Jks +BnTeT
BnTeT more all rounder player than jks thou, he won't carry col and col probably didn't need that but He probably could fit any team better than jks since he is more versatile although jks is better a...
Overpass, Vertigo also started bad that's why I add the future word
I have no problem with new map and I'm sure they will improve Ancient in the future. My only regret is It replace Train. The 2 maps that could be considered as stale are Mirage and Dust2. I think Valv...
fnatic vs EXTREMUM
fnatic is in very bad shape right now with only 22% win rate while extremum on good form.
PPL try 1 v 4 with 10hp, no kevlar no kit
Depend on the economy
ZywOo needs to leave
Insane buyout and I don't think he'll be comfortable playing in non french based team. I think Vitality made mistake by cutting Nivera. He's indeed no direct replacement for RpK but currently shox als...
Vici will win this, they lose to Tyloo last time but overall this past year Vici has been the better team. Tyloo's player might have been better in aiming duel but Vici have more strategic depth and p...
AGO tend to do similar stats when It's working for them. Extremum's player just manage to make adjustment at that last round, BnTeT pretty much expected they'll make aggression after he died several t...
Junior Fix
I still think Junior have good potential but probably move to tier1 team still a bit too soon for him. Now, It'll depend if Furia has enough patience to let him grow.
Renewal vs TYLOO
Tyloo has been losing to Vici and Tiger (the current Renewal) in past half year. They're pretty much like pug team with good aim but when facing against structured team they often faltered.
If you exclude his early performance and when Col still using stand in, he's been performing decently this past month. But I do think Col is overpaying, he's clearly not suited for his role in Col.
Nemiga vs EXTREMUM
Nemiga using stand in player, betting without proper info is your own mistake.
EXTREMUM vs Wisla Krakow
When your awper bottom fragging on Train you know that is indeed the problem.